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TOTEX as a global brand in Turkey and in line with global developments, market needs, we continue to produce cosmetics considering. You can reach us from anywhere in the world.

Founded in 1985 by Mustafa KESEN, KESENLER KOZMETİK A.Ş. As we are taking firm steps to gain a permanent place in our rapidly developing country and the world market, we believe that this will be achieved with product quality.
Since the year we were established with the aim of becoming an international power by producing products in line with the needs of our consumers, we are determined to continue our ambitious rise in the sector by expanding our product range.
Catching its wide sales dynamics with its strong marketing and export structure, TOTEX COSMETIC takes its market share to the next level every day.
As TOTEX brand, we have taken our place among the leading companies in the field of hair cosmetics, which is our expertise.
By continuing our work focused on customer satisfaction, we offer quality products to the customer in the most economical way, taking into account the changes and innovations in the world cosmetics industry without sacrificing quality.
The necessary measurements of our TOTEX COSMETIC products are approved by our expert teams in our laboratory environments and we bring them to the consumer after their quality is proven.
With our machine park with an annual filling capacity of 5000 tons, keeping human health in the foreground, we offer fast solutions to meet market needs on time.
Thanks to our long-term experience in correct product planning, market research, packaging design innovation and quality control, we have proven to the world that comfort can be achieved in cosmetic products by establishing a professional balance.
In the packaging of each of our products, we have designed the consumer in line with the target market and concept, which will create ease of use as a result of the necessary testing processes.
TOTEX global brand in Turkey and in line with global developments, we continue to offer the market's needs to produce cosmetics considering and R & D activities effective solutions for improving product formation with innovative approaches to leadership.
Together with our innovation team, we use the current trends obtained as a result of research to improve our products.
With 36 years of experience and know-how, we continue to offer unique services with our designs suitable for customer requests, a wide range of products to choose from, and superior technology. In addition, we continue to export to all parts of the world thanks to our strong economic structure.
We take pride in being a preferred brand abroad, by assuming the role of a strategic service partner as our experienced management team and corporate product supplier.
Using quality raw materials, we meet the needs and demands of the customers in the fastest and most accurate way and deliver them to the customer in the right channels.
It is important for us to represent our TOTEX brand in accordance with global and local strategies. COSMETICS KESEN adding new brands under the roof and Turkey have managed to become a trusted brand by expanding its selective cosmetics market.
We will continue to look for better in order to protect human health, to offer our cosmetic services in a quality and effective manner, and to improve life in this context.
Beauty is no longer a secret...


Our company, which increases our quality and standards in production every day; It continues its expertise in the sector while carrying this understanding to the international level with domestic and foreign certificates such as ISO 9001 and SGS GMP. In line with current laws and regulations, product contents are delivered to consumers by providing necessary analyzes. While continuing this service, we continue to grow and strengthen with sustainable development principles. Our quality policy always progresses in the light of continuous development and improvement in all stages according to customer expectations before and after sales.
With our experience in the production of cosmetic products, we are well aware of what we will encounter at all stages, what we should do and to what standards the products should be realized. We ensure that the substances and formula to be used in the content of the products are determined after the necessary R&D. In our wide range of products such as hair styling wax, hair spray, blow dryer, hair care serum, hair masks, shaving lotion, cream, skin cream, massage oil, shampoo, oxidant in the cosmetic field, production is carried out with the necessary quality controls at every stage of production. The products produced in our company are each the work of a completely unique work, but are constantly renewed. The goal is to provide our consumers with different cosmetic experiences in production.
With our superior technological equipment, our quality department tests the products in our laboratory environments and confirms their compliance with the requested specifications.

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