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  • GENERAL INFORMATION the scope of the services we have provided over the address; using our web site, all the people who entered into their own contractual relationship with parties who uses our services, storing data, recording, processing, transfer with to enlighten you regarding this text was prepared.


Kesenler Kozmetik Pazarlama Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş. the scope of services we have provided for you and the personal data protection Act No. 6698 ("KVKK”) to be eligible for, collected, recorded, processed and stored, and which can be transferred following detail information about your data we share.

As is known, kvkk of 10. during the acquisition of personal data in the context of the item, responsible for the data;

a)responsible for the data and, if applicable, the identity of the representative,

b)personal data processed for any purpose,

c)the processed personal data can be transferred to whom and for what purpose

C)the personal method of data collection and legal reason

d)other rights listed in Article 11.”

to provide information about the obligation and obligation.

In this context and in accordance with the provisions of relevant legislation and responsible with the attribute of data; all public that you provide to us, personal data of a private nature and the granting of consent under consent is required for legal reasons in the case where, in the case “to record, classify, process, Store, update, and in some cases where legislation to permit third parties to explain”, the aforementioned under the arrangement, we keep you informed our rights and obligations in relation to mutual legal.


Lighting below the name Mahal without leaving clear and obvious text be understood by the parties that are defined within the scope of terms and meanings KVKK is submitted to your attention.

In this context;

Explicit Consent: a specific topic related to freewill and consent to the described with depend on and

Anonymous making: personal data with other data by matching ID in no way even linked to specific or identifiable natural person, which cannot be made,

Contact person: a natural person personal data is processed.

Personal data: all kinds of information about a specific identified or identifiable natural person ID,

The processing of personal data: personal data will be fully or partially automated, with the data recording system or any part of the record to be non-automatic ways of obtaining, recording, storage, preservation, modification, rearrangement, disclosure, transfer, acquisition, can be obtained, making such as the Prevention of the use classification or any operation that is performed on the data,

Assembly: The Personal Data Protection Board.

Institution: Personal Data Protection Authority.

Process data: the data for the natural or legal person responsible who process personal data on its behalf, by the power vested in,

Data recording system: recording the personal data processed by a system configured according to specific criteria,

Responsible for data: determines the purposes and means of processing of personal data, the data recording system is responsible for the establishment and management of the natural or legal person who,

refers to.


Under the personal data protection Act No. 6698 “data manager”; Kesenler Kozmetik Pazarlama Sanayi Ticaret A. Ş..  Company.

In this context, the lighting in the last part of this text on the rights of the persons concerned kvkk of 11. the item are included.

Requests regarding your data, which will be described below; 3.Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 18. Sokak No:7 / Selçuklu / Konya, you can submit a written notification to the address that you will do as address e-mail address it is possible to make the notification.



Kvkk 5. are expressed in terms of the processing of personal data in the context of the item. In this context, kvkk of 5/2. are included in the item non-personal data with 6/3. explicit consent to the processing of personal data is not subject to the substances are linked to conditions.

KVKK Article 5, Paragraph 2 and Paragraph 3 with the exception of held in accordance with Article 6; (i) is clearly prescribed in the laws, (II) in the case doesn't explain the practical impossibility due to the consent or consent of legal validity of the life or physical integrity of himself or others, the unrecognized mandatory for the protection of the person, (III) is directly related with the formation or performance of a contract, provided that the parties of the contract to be required for the processing of personal data, (IV) mandatory for principal to fulfill the legal obligation of the data, (v) the relevant person by himself to be made publicly available, (vi) the right of the plant, data processing is mandatory for the use or protection, (vii) is provided to prevent damage to the fundamental rights and freedoms of the person concerned, the data for the legitimate interests of the principal data processing is mandatory in order to be qualified as given in the following examples of private personal data without the explicit consent of the person concerned, it will be able to collect and process your personal data, including.

Again, the transfer of data abroad transfer of exceptions by going to a similar arrangement in place kvkk 8. and 9. beliritilm was in the context of the item.

It is essential that the informed consent and explanation on your part. In this context, explicit consent is based on information on a particular topic of consent and freewill are described.

By you for the processing of your personal data which is not within the scope of exceptions, however, upon the occurrence of consent is required. In this context, freely given sufficient knowledge and consent and will not be given to the extent that hesitation Mahal explicit consent is accepted as the declaration of consent, if consent is required in cases where your personal data on your part, however, with the denial of consent will be handled.

In this direction, which will be acquired during the contractual relationship from you of your personal data processing, storage, recording, when necessary, anonymization, disclosure to third parties we will require the consent of the exceptions to the subjects.

Therefore within the site is shared with explicit consent forms to your side, and your side will be forwarded to you with contracts signed explicit consent forms.

As you've been informed of the fact, is demanded from you marking the boxes consensual. Indeed, on your part and this text as taking part in again your personal data will be processed within a general and specific nature of consent.



Which is located on the About Us section; you we see them as a part of the family. In this context, a reflection of the value that's been given to you in the form of your personal data to us in the way we approach it.

We give you the best and most advantageous manner, in striving to provide quality service with a form that highlights, in this context, in the following also as mentioned, your personal data is collected.


  • The names of the parties, the customer and last names, ID numbers appropriate for you preparation of the contract mutually agreed upon, in order to cut invoices, accounting calculations can be made, in case of a dispute, and the claims of the official authorities in order to be notified in the event of, again, the customer under the regulatory provisions of the statement of identity / information the person shared with law enforcement it is mandatory to have lead,
  • For you phone number, address, e-mail address for communication tools such as; to serve you better, for the availability of the contractual relationship is established before the order confirmation, in order to be informed of the best services for you during the contractual relationship with you then be contacted on the following matters to
  • Your own IBAN numbers, bank account numbers, and payment information; performance of contract to be carried out, stored, processed and recorded.

In this context, in our site you consent

In order to better serve you, the provision of various benefits, sales, marketing, information, promotions, giving information about the campaign and providing information about the conditions, survey, customer satisfaction surveys can be made up of your purchases by facilitating the provision of our commercial and/or the planning and execution of business strategy, a business relationship with the parties of the persons concerned in legal, technical and business-our offer about the products and services with the assurance of Occupational Safety the acclaim of the people, customized according to your needs and usage patterns and recommended it to the relevant persons and the planning and execution of activities that are required for the introduction, the creation of visitor records and tracking, creation of campaigns, cross-selling to be made, determining the target audience, the customer, enhancing the user experience by following the movements of the execution of the activities, website and mobile application to be personalized according to customer needs and improving the functioning of direct and non-direct marketing can't be done, personalized marketing and re-marketing activities execution, custom segmentation, targeting, analysis and internal reporting activities, the research to be done on Sunday, with the planning and execution of Customer Relationship Management Customer Satisfaction activities of process planning enforcement purposes, including shopping of our site, products and/or services of the planning and execution of the sales and marketing process, shopping site we offer products and/or services a commitment to establishing and/or improving processes and considered within the scope of the planning and execution of the purposes for which your customers that it will give you will be processed in accordance with the confirmation, and will be shared with the person mentioned in the text of this illumination.

Our site required by the business activities conducted by the business units and related business processes relevant for the realization of the execution of

- Those concerned of their rights and possible claims of the plant,

- Giving information to the public authorities from the legislation,

- In the name of our company our company and our branches, call center, or by our affiliated companies and with our social media pages or our websites are not limited to, any Law on the protection of consumers through channels of retail trade regulation law on the regulation of the law on electronic commerce, distance contracts, ensuring the fulfillment of obligations under the directive and other legislation,

- For the purposes of the receipt and delivery of your orders, that you perform on our site e-commerce shopping and can be fulfilled as a requirement of your personal data in order to execute the corresponding process will be handled.

there are boxes of explicit consent in the Annexes of the convention and under. In this context, as you've been informed of the fact, is demanded from you marking the boxes consensual.



The personal data of you about the products and services offered by our website giving you the benefit of the people of the work to be made by the business units and business processes necessary for the management of commercial and/or approval is granted to third parties for the planning and execution of business strategy then can be shared.

As well as the company for the above mentioned purposes by us, our staff, our affiliates, business partners, suppliers, shareholders, law enforcement, public institutions and private institutions may be transferred.

26751 dated 9 January 2008, published in the official gazette the regulation on measures for the suppression of laundering proceeds of crime and financing of terrorism in accordance with the payment provider in order to be authenticated will be shared.

Again, Identity No. 1174 Reporting Act (“KBK”); under the credentials of people who will be sharing the customer because it is mandatory by law, in this context, the identification information will be shared through law enforcement notification system.

We your personal data within the purposes specified above, provide third parties with the condition that the conditions prescribed in kvkk may transfer abroad as in the country will be able to transfer.



You your personal data for the above purposes and the ability to offer you the best campaigns are the most advantageous to the extent required by law, the scope of the integrity and performance of contracts if necessary, in accordance with the general principles of the determination of the campaign strategies stipulated in the relevant legislation or for the purpose of personal data that is required to be maintained until the time they are processed is essential.

In this context, the general principles for the determination of their retention period in accordance with each process in relation to the processing of data under the provisions of the relevant legislations with the aim of there is an assessment. Hence, with the duration of the limitation period until the expiration of the minimum legal obligation, personal data are stored.

The end of the period, together with any process within the scope of the purpose of the processing of personal data your personal data are anonymized in accordance with kvkk eliminated, deleted and/or destroyed.

In this direction, you any of your personal data in written, oral or through electronic media, for the purposes mentioned above can be presented in accordance with the regulations of the service offered by US, and in this context, our company of obligations arising under the contract and laws with the aim to fulfill are collected and processed in a complete and accurate manner.

5 kvkk of your personal data. and 6. the articles specified in the lighting conditions and the processing of personal data for the purposes envisaged under this text to be collected for legal reasons and purposes, processed and shared.



Which you have deliver to us your personal data for the purpose of the principle described in the present text for purposes that are within the scope of boundedness; applications requiring processing in accordance with the usages of commercial life is being processed on a limited basis for a period of time; deleted after the expiry of the period being, is being destroyed or made anonymous.

In addition to these; the laws are clearly stipulated in the data mandatory for the company to fulfill its obligation in his capacity as legal responsible for the contact by itself alenilestirile in harm to the fundamental rights and freedoms of the person concerned, the data provided must be processed to the legitimate interests of our company responsible for having the title of data, which in the case of the elapse of the period specified under this title, however, counted as the fulfilment of the purposes of the limitation in this sentence can be used.

For these reasons, your stored personal data for any other purpose and will not be allowed to be accessed only necessary under the circumstances may be used. Your personal data are duly mentioned essential in the event of the end of the event to be deleted, destroyed or made anonymous will be.



By US is recorded, stored, collected, processed, and transmitted your personal data as mentioned in above claims are all about e-mail address you can.

In this context, your requests, and in accordance with the nature of the demand KVKK consideration no later than thirty (30) business days will be assessed free of charge.

However, the process also requires a cost in the event that protection of personal data are likely to be requested as determined by the board in the tariff for the price.


Kvkk of 11. according to the article contacts (data owners);

  • If personal data has been processed, learning about themselves,
  • Personal data is processed, to claim knowledge of it,
  • Whether it is used according to the purposes of the processing of personal data and their purpose for learning,
  • Your personal data is transferred within or outside the country, knowledge of third parties,
  • If personal data is missing or processed incorrectly, ask to have them corrected and in this context, the process of the personal data transferred to third parties requesting to be notified of these changes,
  • In accordance with the provisions of this law and related legislation will be collected, processed and transferred, although the disappearance of the reasons that require the processing in the case of the destruction or deletion of your personal data and, in this context, the process of requesting to be notified of the personal data transferred to third parties,
  • By analyzing the processed data through automated systems exclusively for, one against one's self, the result of the appeal,
  • The elimination of damages in case of damage due to unlawful processing of personal data has the right to demand.

In relation to the considerations given on this form is legal and may be subject to change in line with technological developments.

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